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When you are writing your story, you will eventually be unable to find the mistakes within your work. Everyone is guilty of it. You look at something for so long and you quit being able to find anything wrong with it. Something I always say is that there is nothing wrong with getting a second pair of eyes on your story, and the perspective of a reader.

During my beta read of your story, I will provide feedback on your characters, point(s) of view, plot, pacing, world building, dialogue, friendships, relationships, and just my general thoughts, all while commenting as I read. I will also ask if there is anything in particular that you would like me to touch on. I love reading, and getting to help others make their work better is just an added bonus to what I would otherwise still be doing. 

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Now, while beta reading can be a good way to gauge a reader's reaction to a story and if they are enjoying it, editing is still a large part of getting a story ready for pitching and/or publishing. Editors are vital to reaching your goal of a polished, ready-to-publish book.

Editing can cover a wide rage of things, from developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading...everything from making sure the plot is solid to catching all of the pesky commas and periods that you may have otherwise missed. I still have nightmares from the time I used "plane" instead of "plain," and my goal is to make sure that

I can help others not make the same mistakes that I have. In the end, no matter the publication, editing is vital.

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"Laci was a Joy to work with as she helped me discover things in my manuscript that hadn't been brought up before with her keen eye for detail..."

– James on Fiverr

"Laci was AMAZING!!! She was incredibly communicative and very fast... and delivered so much more than I was expecting! She left detailed inline comments throughout..."

– Alex on Fiverr

"Laci is a great beta reader! Her feedback and in-line comments were very helpful and have me rethinking a character motivation that has

been bothering me..."

– Jennifer on Fiverr



Thanks for submitting!

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